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Innovative, Personalized, and Customizable Training Solutions for Exceptional Hospitality Experiences

At bē Academy, we understand that traditional learning methods fall short because they focus on teaching people what to do instead of why they should do it. That’s why we adopted an innovative “why-to” approach that empowers students to embrace learning, take ownership of their development, and deliver exceptional guest experiences.

Ability for students to take the test first and if passed move on but if failed redirected to the training course to complete before moving on.

Allow us to have our students record themselves on their smartphones/laptop completing the assessment test then uploading it to be evaluated by the course instructor, this will also allow us the ability to use their content in our “custom option” for clients where they can incorporate the best students assessment into their own custom-designed training course to be used by future students.

Clients will have the opportunity to have a fully customized training portal for their people to access which will be co-branded with bē and their logos and brand guidelines.

all courses, tasks, updates and user-relevant content shown

reporting to help trainer and the users optimize the learning effectiveness and experience, including course progress, user-journeys, performance tracking, for example, completion statistics, time spent on courses, login details.

Capabilities for real-time multi-location and instructor-led online training (virtual class) through Web Video Conferencing tools such as Zoom, as well as chat, forums and other shared resources

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At bē, we believe in creating a better, smarter and more caring hospitality ecosystem through innovation, partnership and ecosystem-building activities. Our services are designed to empower teams so that they can exceed guests’ expectations. We put people first with our Talent Acquisition and Management solutions and offer intelligent and unique solutions for organisations. Explore how bē can help your organisation build a more sustainable future by scheduling a time with us today or by visiting bē to find out.